Fall in love with life, again

“Sitting still is a way of falling in love with the world and everything in it.” – Pico Ayer in his book “The Art of Stillness”

Now, that’s so true! We get distracted so much and distractions that turn us away from miracle of life all around us are harmful.

Came across these words and these thoughts remind me of my travel to North India, one of my most blissfull experiences! 

At the Solang Valley, we did some trekking and for me most time I was lost watching the tourists and locals doing their routine activities. To watch every detail of the amazingly charming cattles and locals giving their hearts out to people visiting this heaven.

To be at such places where paying attention to everything going around us, noticing the quality of light and lives, appreciating the people around us, the loveliness of our breath as it comes in and out! Such beauty life is out of distractions and social media. It is not difficult to fall in love with life, all over again! 

The time that I spent there got me closer to who I was and what my soul was seeking. It gave me ample of new ways to think about my life and dreams differently. We can never find what we seek, but we can slowly be there at some level of satisfactory phase which empowers us to improve on everything we do, on daily basis.

I am wanting to spend more and more time traveling and exploring – the world, and myself!

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