Men don’t sympathise..

Guys, she will look gentle to you, or may be loving and charming and she will be all about caring & sharing.

She will be a giver, and most times you won’t have to ask for anything.

She will remind you of butterflies and wings, of homeliness and flings.

She will come off like a surprise, in a magical guise.

She will help and ask for your guidance, for a friend and for a moral support.

She will seem naive, and sometimes with a bunch of smart innocence, she will look all sort of a package to you.. .


Please do not sympathise with her, do not hold her and do not comfort her.

Do not make her feel safe, do not provide her with your fake cocoon, do not give her the hopes of evolving and surviving IF you do not plan to keep making her feel safe, keep holding her till the end. Coz you do not get to decide or chose the end, you do not get the right to take away her safe cocoon as per your whims and wishes.

You do not get to break her just Coz you were the one to mend her once.

So, do not sympathise. Do not hold and do not promise. .


Let her be, let her die early, let her suffer and struggle alone, let her succeed alone .. right from the start! .




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