Valentine is every day..

Met this beauty on the very day I fell in love with someone as beautiful inside out! 😍☺️ I must admit it to be the best moment, best day, Best laughter, Best walk ! 😆

Most times, the feelings come in most unexpected and gentle ways, we don’t know what happens why and we go with the flow.

And most times what we forget is how much efforts it takes to maintain and survive through the rains in order to see the rainbows.

How we express our love for our world, our life, our fellow travelers, and ourselves, all of it shape the quality of our experience.

From hopeless romantics to bitter old Scrooges, Love plays a role in how we lead our life.

It may be our rose-coloured glasses, or the spring in our step, or the reason we’ve sworn off this or that.

Our favourite love song, whether it is “Daydream believer” or “Love stinks” even tells you a lot and how much love affects us and how much of it we have in us.

One of the most important lessons in Love are that love is what we make of it, the more we give, the more we get; true love is falling in love with the same person over and over again.



Also, I recently read ‘A Peaceful Warrior’ book, and one of the things it teaches is that “Those who are the hardest to love, need it the most.” 🤘🏻



Here’s wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who believes in it, mostly to people who make each day of life as much worthy and loving as today! ❤️ .


@thealtruisticsoul .


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