To my 3 am bestie

Every minute is so special so valuable, what happens to it when you don’t spend it in the thoughts of your most valuable love in your life?

You taught me to live, to value myself, to love- one more time, to believe in life, to have faith, to grow, to learn, to smile and most importantly- to not give up.

Here I am, at 4.01 am, unable to sleep, unable to stop. Spent last 4 hours thinking about you and having conversations with you in my mind.

Here I am, who wants to live, who values myself, who loves you again, who believes in life, who has faith, who is rising above, growing, who is smiling, and who is not giving up on you.

Here I am, wanting you to know me one more time, listen to me one more time, wanting you to believe in life, wanting you to value yourself, Love once again, to smile and to give me a chance one last time.

Here I am counting every breath, hoping so that before I finish counting, you would be here with me, understanding that people are not always as difficult as situations make them sometimes in life. People change, and sometimes they change for good. Sometimes, they deserve a chance.

Here I am, thinking of you, hoping that on your inside, you’re thinking about me too, secretly, truly and maybe for once, for once you will listen to me.


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