Stubborn love

Maybe I am a fool to still wish for something that you don’t want for me, you who know me and who loved me, whom I chose over the whole world.

Maybe I don’t deserve to wish or maybe am no longer loveable or likeable, or maybe am just another past for you that scars the definition of love.

Maybe I am supposed to change myself, not for you but for my own sake, for being able to survive.

Maybe I am all wrong – wrong in being so loyal and true to the depth of my feelings, the feelings based on which I exist and I breathe.

Maybe I need to know that it is wrong to not give up on someone, even though if that someone meant more than life and god to me, maybe give up Coz suddenly that someone shouldn’t mean anything to me because he thinks so.

Maybe I should surrender to the fake world and pretend that I don’t exist. There will be no me, as I will have to change.

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