Richies of your world

What are you happy about?

The riches you own, are they alive?

The dead land you claim to be yours,

and your empty hearts,

Do they please you?

Do you spend time with them?

The earth, the rocks, the trees, the winds,

The life-full of species out there,

The stars and moon, the sun and rains..

Are you alive like’em?

Can you make the sounds of waves?

The songs that winds sing,

And the melodies pretty birds create,

Can you paint with the colors of sky?

Have you heard the dogs cry and cats grin?

And asked them why they did?

Come to the woods, let’s run in the winds,

On top of the mountians and into the caves..

Come, run onto the hidden trails of the forest,

Come pick and taste the sweet berries of earth..

Come, roll in all the richies around you

And for once, never wonder what they’re worth.

We are all together, within the same universe,

We belong to each other,

In a never ending loop, in circles..

You can own the earth, and all,

And all you’ll own is earth,

Until you live the lives with a life-full of liveliness..

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