My Sustainable-DIY-Skincare routine and Why I got hooked onto it!

A lil talk on ‘Sustainable Skincare’. What is it? Did ya know, it’s easy to practice sustainable beauty and minimize your environmental impact with a natural, DIY skincare routine? All it takes is a little simple skincare science (do your research) and a few easy-to-find ingredients.  Ingredients aren’t always “bad”, but it’s their sourcing that’s detrimental, like in the case of palm oil. It’s an incredible ingredient for food and cosmetics but since it’s typically single sourced from one region, Indonesia, the cultivation of palm oil is causing mass deforestation.

So what makes skincare sustainable?

  • Packaging: Reusable, Biodegradable
  • Ingredients: Short list means less overall impact, no chemicals, plant based
  • Sourcing: Locally sourced products have lesser carbon footprint, ethical sourcing

 What are the benefits of making your own skincare products?

  • Making your routine environmentally friendly is easy and low cost
  • Is more accessible – you can find zillions of recipes online
  • With all the experiments and time, you get to know what suites you best and benefits of every herb / ingredient you need for your skin

 How to build a DIY skincare routine at home?

Over a period of time, I have summed up my routine with these basic steps –

Pre-cleanse ● Cleanse ● Tone ● Moisturise ●

I had massive breakout issue when I used zero makeup and no products. Eventually, I started to experiment with minimal makeup and a few products. Then I started making my own DIY makeup, cleansers, elixirs etc according to the needs of my skin, which was sometimes too dry and sometimes oily and combination too! Since last 2 years or so, I use makeup (cruelty free, vegan, natural / chemical-free) on my skin and it really protects my skin from the damage sun and pollution does. And, the tip is to NOT forget to remove makeup before going to bed (the worse mistake to make!)

Few tips and my favourite products:

I used micellar water and creams and cleansing milk and everything, till I figured that Virgin Coconut or Olive oil or grapeseed oil (non-comedogenic – it won’t clog pores) works best in removing all the makeup and dirt from the skin. So, a short massage of oil removes makeup gently. Simply wipe it off with a clean cotton swab or cloth or Sponge. I am in love with this Mini So facial cleansing sponge, reusable and easy on pocket.

For cleansing after oiling, I love to wash my face with mild face-wash or soap. There are days when I want to worry less about my skin and & are always on my counter! One thing to not forget is to never delay in applying a good toner – rose water works best for skin in all seasons. You may add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for added benefits. I use rosehip oil or tea-tree essential oil in a carrier oil as serum and moisturiser. I like to experiment with a lot of essential oils depending on what my skin needs. This routine, when done day and night daily, does not take more than 5 minutes of your time but has long-lasting effect on skin – slows down ageing and protects skin from the damage caused on daily basis.

Treating our skin well is a part of overall health, and creating a routine that feels good, and does little harm is empowering. I hope this post was informative and gave you all a-much-needed-motivation to start your sustainable routine!

Do share your tips and experiences / feedback in comment.

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