A lil Heartening..

Hey, you all! Welcome to this cozy corner where all my emotions fall. I am a bit sensitive and I believe that every person, every action, every observation and experience has something touching about it! This is my little space where I share about my little heartening!

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

  • Solitude!
    Often times, as women, we question our ability to choose what we believe to be right for ourselves, for fear that we’ll be judged or misunderstood. What I learned, however, in those first few months after my college graduation, is that there is power in exercising my complete agency. Though, admittedly I often wanted nothing more than a friend or a new love interest to swoop in and magically make everything better, deep down I knew that the only person who could control the course of of my life was me. Eventually, the lightbulb came on in my mind: belonging to yourself is all about being your own best advocate. It’s about being dedicated to the care and nurturing of your body and spirit. Unlike the fluffy advice I was given as a kid, this admonition to belong to myself was a call to action. It’s not about keeping yourself busy until someone else comes along to take the burden. This kind of self-love is about patience, and self-nurture, and trusting yourself to make good decisions. Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Belonging to yourself can be tiring, especially if you often play the role of the caretaker for others. Taking care of ourselves is not all bubble baths, essential oils and drinking natural wine. Deciding to become your own best advocate may very well be one of the most difficult decisions you ever make. It requires that we extend the love and care that we are so used to extending to others to ourselves, with the same intensity and fervor—if not more.
  • Intent
    Intent They dated you and took you to places, created memories over songs & cigarettes, treated you with candies. The drives and trips, the promises and tips. They showed you the feeling of what love can be, and made you think of something called ‘forever’. They made you see them a different version of themselves. Somewhere, in those promises and love, sharing and showing, deep down they knew. They knew that it won’t last, they knew that that was temporary. Deep down, they knew that they would break your heart. And inspite of all their incompetent fears that they buried inside of them with a layer of fake confidence and happiness of being with you, they carried on with you. They knew that they would have to leave you shedding tears for years, they knew that they will have to lie and hide.. They still never left you; until they got another option. Until they were sure that they will be taken care of, until they had a plan for their selfish self!!. All they needed was an INTENT. Intent to fulfil those uncertain promises, intent to make ‘forever’ come true. Know the intent, don’t go for puppy love. . . . Don’t get carried away by someone’s attention of concern. Think what can be and what won’t break you, believe and trust in yourself and your abilities more than their words and actions. Know that you’re not an option for anyone in any way. Know your self, respect your self. . . . #selflove #selfrespect #intention #intent #love #relationship #promises #fakepeople #believeinyourself #relationshipadvice #heartbreak #teens #reality

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