• Vegan Pantry Staples (Part IV)

    Hello everyone! It is so good to be back here after a good 2-3 week break for my personal rejuvenation. Isn’t it good to take some break once in while? Even if it means giving yourself all the time to leave aside all the worries and just focus on breathing and self-care? I really loved it and I sincerely thank a few of you who messaged and checked on me and inquired about some recipes with me. So, in my last posts I shared some basic tip on how to make your pantry Vegan-friendly and reduce your cooking time by stocking up some essentials. In this last part, let me…

  • Vegan Pantry Staples (Part III)

    For those who have the time and the inclination to make vegetable stock, though, the reward is in the flavor. Making it is simple and can be a good way to use parts of vegetables that we may usually discard. To do this, wash and save the stalks, leaves, peelings, roots and ends of vegetables after using them, and keep them in a bag or container in the freezer. Your homemade vegetable stock can be a life changing habit in vegan cooking, check the recipe below.

  • Vegan Pantry Staples (Part II)

    In the last post, we understood the importance of setting up a right pantry and how beans & legumes are essentials part of vegan cooking. Hope you liked the simple hummus recipe which I posted in there! As much as people are going gaga over the trendy Keto and Vegan Diets, we have come across a major rise in number of people who are opting Gluten Free Diet, either due to some allergies or for weight loss or celiac disease or just non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Thus, Gluten Free and Detox Diets do play a major role in healthy cooking, especially for plant based alternatives. Luckily, there are these wonderful and…

  • Vegan Pantry Staples (Part I)

    Past few months of Lockdown have been really helpful in setting up the pantry in a more efficient and organized manner than ever. With a small list of shopping every 15 days, we are still able to come up with different recipes every day. Everybody has tried their hands on bringing out their inner chefs, but to be able to convert popular recipes into tasty vegan dishes, with simple ingredient swaps is all it takes! So, sharing my discovery of the vegan pantry essentials for an efficient vegan kitchen.

  • History and Modern Day Veganism

    Most recently, during the 2010s, veganism has entered mainstream culture and is increasingly identified as a major diet style. Increasing concerns for the environment, animal welfare, and health have been synonymous with a marked increase in vegan-friendly food outlets, new vegan products, and plant-based meat imitations. The market for plant-based alternatives is flourishing while diluting the purpose and benefits of whole-foods, plant-based nutrition to an extent. Vegan diet now has a variety of junk food options available, so as to allow non-vegans to make a switch easy.