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Food: isn’t it a love in itself? Like I cannot figure whether I am living for food or what? haha..! Ever since I have turned vegan (mid of 2017), I have found it easier to remain a vegan with every passing day! There is so much to eat and so many varieties of receipes!! I realised that a lot of people continue to consume dairy, even if it is harmful for them and the animals and environment, because they don’t know how to start and what to cook when it is tagged as ‘vegan’.

Every dish has it’s vegan version; the only ingredient needed is willingness to eat ethical and cruelty free. Let me show you how easy it is to be vegan and yet enjoy all the flavors and desserts in life. Also, most of the dishes represented here are economical and easy for anyone to try.

Ever wondered, how many plants and food items exist in the world? Fun fact: Scientists estimate that there are more than 400,000 species of plants on earth, at least half of which are edible for humans. Indeed, it is entirely possible that we are capable of eating 300,000 plant species. And yet we consume just a tiny fraction of that. Homo sapiens, the most cosmopolitan of species, one that thrives by virtue of being a generalist, eats only about 200 plant species. Remarkably, a mere three crops – maize, rice, and wheat – account for more than half of the calories and proteins that we derive from plants.

Living in a country like India, which has overwhelmingly vegetarian friendly cuisine and employs a variety of different fruitsvegetablesgrains, and spices which vary in name from region to region within the country. Most Indian restaurants serve predominantly Punjabi/North Indian cuisine, while a limited few serve a very limited choice of some South Indian dishes like Dosa. But for the connoisseurs, India offers a complex and eclectic array of sub-cuisines to explore, which are equally vegetarian friendly and a delight to the taste buds.

You’re aren’t a FOODIE if you don’t FEED & FEEL your FOOD!

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