• Vegan Dalgona Coffee-Choco Cake

    What is better than having a dessert with two of your favorite 'serotonin boosters'? Right! I love coffee in every form - food, drink, mask or decor! Who doesn't like a good coffee shot after all! This lockdown, I mean the third lockdown is really boring, compared to the first one; or so I feel. The earlier had a lovely charm to it! So, taking one-day-at-a-time and trying to master myself in a lot of areas and not just culinary skills, I really am worked up since a couple of past weeks..!

  • Soy-Spinach Pulav or Soya Palak Pulao

    I face this dilemma on daily basis about what to cook for dinner and I know a lot of people go through this! Especially when you don’t have any suggestions from your family but you know that they’re expecting some tasty restaurant style dish to be served. Also, one thing that is really bad is that I never think of anything ahead in time and I am never prepared with soaking grains or any similar stuff to make my cooking easy. So, yesterday I made this delicious pulav at home with 3 ingredients easily available with meĀ  – Soya chunks, Spinach and Basmati Rice. I am sure you’ll love it,…