• Vegan Pantry Staples (Part I)

    Past few months of Lockdown have been really helpful in setting up the pantry in a more efficient and organized manner than ever. With a small list of shopping every 15 days, we are still able to come up with different recipes every day. Everybody has tried their hands on bringing out their inner chefs, but to be able to convert popular recipes into tasty vegan dishes, with simple ingredient swaps is all it takes! So, sharing my discovery of the vegan pantry essentials for an efficient vegan kitchen.

  • Hummus made from okara / Hummus without chickpeas

    Back in 2015 when I went to UAE, I immediately fell in love with the Arabic and Lebanese food there and the side effects of that trip was an unending craving for a good hummus here in Mumbai, India. All my following trips to UAE also contributed in my ever-increasing love for the Arabic cuisine. It also happened that when I turned vegan almost 3 years ago, the only item I used to order at restaurants was a hummus platter or Chinese food as back then there were minimum or no options of vegan restaurants in Mumbai. In current date, veganism is extending and a lot of restaurants and cafes…