• My Sustainable-DIY-Skincare routine and Why I got hooked onto it!

    A lil talk on ‘Sustainable Skincare’. What is it? Did ya know, it’s easy to practice sustainable beauty and minimize your environmental impact with a natural, DIY skincare routine? All it takes is a little simple skincare science (do your research) and a few easy-to-find ingredients. Ingredients aren’t always “bad”, but it’s their sourcing that’s detrimental, like in the case of palm oil. It’s an incredible ingredient for food and cosmetics but since it’s typically single sourced from one region, Indonesia, the cultivation of palm oil is causing mass deforestation.

  • Get the Glow

    Everyday when I take a walk to the railway station or to office, I see the crowded city, always hustling and bustling! Millions of people take walking as an option at peak hours in South Mumbai and the city is always in motion. The streets are brimming with all kinds of vehicles, labourers, office going crowd, hawkers, and much more… I wonder how busy life is in this city of dreams and how people are toiling for a better lifestyle in the little time that they steal from their schedules. There is a whole muddle of issues to be taken care of- things like personal care, family and much more. Summer…