• History and Modern Day Veganism

    Most recently, during the 2010s, veganism has entered mainstream culture and is increasingly identified as a major diet style. Increasing concerns for the environment, animal welfare, and health have been synonymous with a marked increase in vegan-friendly food outlets, new vegan products, and plant-based meat imitations. The market for plant-based alternatives is flourishing while diluting the purpose and benefits of whole-foods, plant-based nutrition to an extent. Vegan diet now has a variety of junk food options available, so as to allow non-vegans to make a switch easy.

  • Rice Crispy Treat!

    Easy-peasy 10 minute recipe to enhance your Quaran-Tea-Time experience!! If you're having boring conversations while trying to wrap up your work-loaded evenings with your family, and you don't know how to add life to it; then this recipe will bring in some old memories of rainy days and give you new interesting chatting topics.. Go to your balcony and enjoy while the sun calls it off!