• Shower Power!

    One thing a lot of us have in common is that we get our aha moments in the shower... our minds running at fire speed and even if we are not thinking anything, our brain has like 10 tabs open at a time and is working on it.. some problem we've been facing, or someone we have been thinking of connecting to, or some brilliant idea that suddenly pops up to make our lives easy, isn't it?

  • An elixir in disguise

    “What’s all the fuss about green tea?”Turns out, green tea is not fermented during its processing, so it’s buds and leaves retain majority of the naturally occurring goodness present in them, which gives green tea its celebrated health benefits. I love to try different blends and varieties and I also experiment simple quick concoctions. This is my turmeric green tea with a bit of lemon and black pepper which I love to sip after my lunch time at work....A few health benefits linked with regular usage of green tea: • An effective fat burner – research shows that it can enhance metabolism rate in short term • Enhances brain function…