We are all made up of some good and bad habits, some laziness and some willingness; when it comes to our well-being. Let’s see some of the ignored part of what we really don’t think about, but it matters!

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Wellness is multi-dimensional. According to Merriam Webster, it is “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.” To be well is to adopt a lifestyle and partake in activities that promote good health and improve the quality of one’s life. Nutrition, exercise and other aspects of physical health are not the only dimensions of wellness and good health, however. In fact there are eight dimensions to wellness: physical, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, socially and spiritual health.

  • History and Modern Day Veganism
    Most recently, during the 2010s, veganism has entered mainstream culture and is increasingly identified as a major diet style. Increasing concerns for the environment, animal welfare, and health have been synonymous with a marked increase in vegan-friendly food outlets, new vegan products, and plant-based meat imitations. The market for plant-based alternatives is flourishing while diluting the purpose and benefits of whole-foods, plant-based nutrition to an extent. Vegan diet now has a variety of junk food options available, so as to allow non-vegans to make a switch easy.
  • Shower Power!
    One thing a lot of us have in common is that we get our aha moments in the shower… our minds running at fire speed and even if we are not thinking anything, our brain has like 10 tabs open at a time and is working on it.. some problem we’ve been facing, or someone we have been thinking of connecting to, or some brilliant idea that suddenly pops up to make our lives easy, isn’t it?
  • Before you say ‘No’ to Breakfast…
    We all struggle with managing our morning routines and more often it becomes a big task to make healthy breakfast or even have it, isn’t it? Even the lucky ones who have cooks but are in lock-down now might find it difficult to manage home, cleaning, cooking, working on office agendas… and the list is unending.. phew! For me, especially, it feels like am on a double job and it doesn’t get easier. By the time am done making, eating and cleaning breakfast stuff, it is already time for cooking lunch!
  • What’s cookin between Food & Mood..? Let’s find out!
    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an essential way to support mental as well as physical health. Including sources of tryptophan in the diet can have positive benefits on energy levels, mood, and sleep.
  • Quaran-time love!
    How is Day 14 of this COVID-19 lockdown treating you? I have, for sure, figured a new life with new routine and these few days have given me a sense of discovering my own inner strengths and to put them in running shoes.

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